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Rick Edwards
Rick is the owner and creator of Studio B. And of course he loves to DJ. Check out my page by clicking the link below.
Randy Fredder
'Randy's Music Room' is a great place to hear a variety from old and new. Every Thursday and Sunday evenings.
BBC (aka Bobby) is another long term DJ with Studio B. He has a show on the 1st Saturday of every month (when possible). Check the calendar and his FB link for more about him.
Metal Boon
Boon is the co-host with BBC for the monthly show. And he is great air-guitarist! See the schedule for shows.
DJ Spot
Spot is our Smooth Jazz guru. His shows are mellow and he has different themes. See his Facebook for more on it and also our Schedule for days and times.
DJ Robby
A fun Internet radio DJ for years now on Studio B Radio bringing some great tunes, news, and other information.
DJ Woods
A really nice guy from the U.K. playing a variety of songs and genres.
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DJ Woods

A really nice guy from the U.K. playing a variety of songs and genres.

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