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Most of our DJ's also use video with their radio stream.  Studio B is now using both Camup.tv video service, and also iVlog.tv.
M-XCLOUD Live has been but aside for now until it gets out of Beta.    Thanks for visiting Studio B Radio..  And remember to hit FOLLOW at M-XCLOUD.

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Introduction to Mixcloud Select and how Studio B benefits from participation:

Studio B Radio is now participating in the Mixcloud Select program, which allows viewers and listeners to subscribe to Studio B Radio via monthly donations. The donations are used to cover artist copyright fees, Mixcloud maintenance and defray Studio B Radio’s monthly Mixcloud fee.

To watch and listen to live entertainment and DJ shows click this link:
https://www.mixcloud.com/live/studiob/   Once on, please consider becoming a subscriber to help us continue our shows and growth on M-XCLOUD Live. Remember too that some of that subscription money goes to the artists we play on our shows.  A very good cause indeed! 

Thank you in advance!

PLEASE NOTE:  Mixcloud is still in Beta so not all features are there yet and there still may be a few bugs.  The chat is basic, but we are sure it will grow and get better.  The audio portion of our shows will be saved and will end up as Podcasts here on Mix Cloud so that is a big plus!

Another really nice feature is the mobile app for apple and android   It's an mobile app that plays the live show and shows video, as well and includes the chat.  Or you can play an already recorded and saved Podcast from your favorite DJ.  Check out M-XCLOUD and remember to hit the FOLLOW button so you will be notified when someone goes live on M-X.   Thanks.
















If you have questions or comments please let us know.  You will need to create a free account to chat on our Studio B Radio page.  Please do so.

More to come so stay tuned!!

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Our primary social media video service!

Audio - Video provided by Zeno and 

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